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        Except his great achievements in his whole life, Mr Deng Xiaoping has special luck with Lianyungang City. In November,1948, as the Secretary of the General Front Committee,he led the Huaihai campaign,( covering an area from Lianyungang to Shang qiu in He nan Province from east to west),and it is still fresh now in the people’s mind. On May 4ths, for his care, Lianyungang City was approved as one of the first 14 coastal cities in China that was open to the outside world. In March, 1997, the plane carrying comrade Deng Xiaoping’s bone ash took off from the Lianyungang airport and flied in the sky above the sea of the Lianyungang city. A colorful rainbow rises when the bone ash and flowers were thrown into the sea.

        The “Deng Xiaoping Stays with the People” sculpture park is embraced by the sea, with broad sky, waves melted together. So a sea-watching platform and 2 sea-watching pavilions have been constructed here so that visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery and pay tribute to the great man at the same time;And they can even understand more deeply about the true meaning of the words said by the great French writer, Hugo, “The ocean is the largest in the world, while the sky is broader than the sky and one’s mind is even broader than the sky.’