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    Dashawan Amusement Park is the only natural bath field in Jiangsu Province which has quality sandy beach, it is located at the center of the Lian Island, is the parting of the west and east Lian Island, the power of nature formed this natural Jinsha beach. The shoreline of the beach is 1.8 kilometer, and the area is 120,000 square kilometers, the quality of sand is soft, comfortable, the sea surface is wide and the water is clean. Bluse sea, golden beach, with bay and rocks, together with sunshine and green, make it an unique coastal fairyland. Here you could chase waves or sleep silently, all those could make you enjoy the infinite tenderness brought by the sea, and you could try marine entertainment projects like water bicycle, air bouncing, and motorboat which could bring you with interests at the same time of relaxation.
    All personnel at Dashawan Amusement Park would wait for your coming with full passion!
    While the Dashawan Amusement Park and Sumawan Ecological Park are connected by a 2.5 meters plank road, which sometimes is placid, and sometimes is meandering, just like a sleeping dragon that connects the two scenic spots together, when walking on it, tourist could take everything of the seascape at a glance. Of course there would be sightseeing buses for option. The sun umbrellas, sun chairs and swim rings at the two scenic spots are all free of charge, which could provide you with more customized service.