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        A great numbers of fish men lives in the Xilian Island fishing village and it also assembled its natural resources and human landscape together. This village dates back to late Ming dynasty. According to the record in the historic material in Qing dynasty, “Fish men gathered in the Xi island and then forms villages”. For the last 300 years, the Xilian Island fishing village has developed from the traditional to the modern society, from close conditions to opening to others, and it now has become rich. Here,visitors can not only know about its special national customs, but also experience its island lifestyle
        Fish men built their houses at the foot of the mountain and near the sea.These houses are always washed by the tides and hidden in the green mountains. The fish men sees the sea as they open the door, see the sunrise as they open the window, and listen to the wave at bed, with waves splashing.
        The beaches of the Lian Island boasts rich shells and marine products such as clam,razor clam,short necked clam,and whelk. The most important thing in the fishing village is no more than gathering seafood on the beaches. As the tide water goes down, walking on the beach and selecting all kinds of shells would be relaxing. The crabs from the deep sea would hide under the stones, and after knowing this, it would be easy to get good dishes.the fish women here are good at finding oysters. They often go to the beach together and beat the oyster attached to the rock, then they could get the oyster easily.