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Route inside the scenic spot
?1 Recommended route in the scenic spot:
Tourist center (taking small train)→get off at transfer center(visit yacht club,sea sightseeing by yacht)→Dashawan amusement(200 meters’ walk to business street)→peacock park (take sightseeing bus in the Dashawan or walk along the gallery road seaside)→Sumawan Ecological Garden(take sightseeing bus or walk along the gallery road seaside)→Plum Garden(take sightseeing bus or walk along the gallery road seaside)→Deng Xiaoping Sculpture park(take sightseeing bus)→water island(view the anchorage ground,view the Lianyungang port which is compared as little Victoria harbor, better to take sightseeing bus)→tourist center( the trip ends here)
?2 Other routes
1).tourist center (sightseeing bus)→peacock park→plum garden→Sumawan
2).tourist center(small train)→Dashawan
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Entertainment in scenic spot:
?Naval port sight seeing”
The destination of the this routes is the mouth of naval port.Within half an hour, you can enjoy the naval port scenery,ocean going freight in different sizes(10000 DWT, 100,000 DWT,or even megaton DWT) or see the Yuntai Mountain from far away and you can be into the special charm of the nature in blue sea and sky. 前三岛探险游:
Qiansan Islands exploring:
The Qiansan Islands are 3 small islands farthest from the land in our city which are just like 3 sacred mountains in the sea, including Dashan Island, Pingshan Island and Chenniushan Island, and there are no residents in these islands.
The Qiansan Islands are the paradise of the birds, and it is also the Birds Nature Reserve in Jiangsu Province. Many precious birds inhabit or breed here. With beautiful scenery, it boast rich natural resources like grouper and bass, which attracts large numbers of tourists to fish here. As this trip will take a day and remember to take foods yourselves. And visitors need to make phone calls for reservation in advance.
Remarks :Other services are available in yacht club such as Sumawan sightseeing, island sightseeing, speed boat sightseeing &business conference, party at sea, wedding photos etc. Please contact us if necessary by calling 0518-82601166 (+86-518-82601166)
A new 30-seats hovercraft and a 16-seats hovercrafts have been ready for providing better service for tourists to view the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the sea and touch the sea. The transportation route (Dashawan Amusement Park to Sumawan Ecological Garden) is available now. The visitor can get closer to the sea and enjoy the nice scenery along the way.
Water bicycle:
With yellow life jacket, you ride the bicycle at sea, Both for the young and the old, for single ride or group rides, it would enable you to a amazing experience!
   As a modern fast speed water exercise,motorboat would combine the sightseeing, competition and excitement together. And there would be professional drivers helping and protecting you. But it is not suitable for the old and juveniles.
  Only double canoeing available and it would enable visitors to feel the great waves and its power.
   It is not the so-called Bunging Jumping,however, it just need to fasten your body with a elastic rope, and you then need to stand in the trampoline. You will jump up with your own leaping and the rope’s pulling. You will experience the feel of weightlessness, it is stimulating and safe!