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Introduction of scenic spots
    “In the sky side, in the ocean side, at the places where the great ocean meets the sky, here it is, our Lianyungang.” At the 1000 kilometers long coastal line of Jiangsu Province, dozens of islands distributed in the Yellow sea with a boundless expanse of blue water, the area of the largest of is 8.1 square kilometers, this is the Lian Island.
    Lian Island, which is called Yingyou Mountain in ancient times, is located at the Haizhou bay which is rich in natural resources, and faced the stalwart North Yuntaishan Mountain, and off the port of Lianyungang, which is the east bridgehead of famous New Eurasian Land Bridge. The shape of the Lian Island is long and thin, in the southeast-northwest direction, the straight-line distance from the east to the west is 5.5 kilometers, and the straight-line distance from the south to the north is 0.9 kilometers, the coastline is 18 kilometers, and the altitude of the large cap of the highest peak is 357.8 meters, which is the largest island of Jiangsu Province, with winding mountains, countless peaks and peaks, which looks like a beautiful painted screen on the ocean.
    The Lian Island is located at the northeast of Jiangsu Province, belongs to the marine climate at the transition from warm temperate to subtropical temperate, the annual average temperature is 14.3℃, and more than 223 days have temperature higher than 10℃. The sole reef rock coast in this Province and unique climate conditions of “no freezing winter and sultry summer” endow the Lian Island with abundant leisure and tourism resources. In 1988, as the main body of the seaside scenic spots of Yuantaishan Mountain Scenic area, it was listed in national key scenic spots.
    In December 1993, with the cut-through of the first dike of China, which is the carcase work of Lianyungang port, the abundant and unique sea island resources of Lian Island have been favored by tourists, and rapidly became a famous coastal tourist resort of eastern coast-Lian Island coastal tourist attractions. The development and construction of the island change rapidly, facilities of catering, accommodation, transportation, telecommunication and shopping gradually are developed, and it has been consecutively evaluated as national AAAA level scenic spot, national healthy sea-water bath, and passed ISO 14000 international environmental quality system certification and ISO 90001 quality management system certification, the Dashawan Amusement Park has been granted national youth civilization.
    Depending on its beautiful and unique coastal natural scenery and distinctive cultural landscape, gathering “the beauty of mountains and waters, nature and green“, the Lian Island coastal scenic spot has become an influential coastal tourist resort.
    Dashawan Amusement Park is the only natural bath field in Jiangsu Province which has quality sandy beach, it is located at the center of the Lian Island, is the parting of the west and east Lian Island, the power of nature formed this natural Jinsha beach. The shoreline of the beach is 1.8 kilometer, and the area is 120,000 square kilometers, the quality of sand is soft, comfortable, the sea surface is wide and the water is clean. Blue sea, golden beach, with bay and rocks, together with sunshine and green, make it a unique coastal fairyland. Here you could chase waves or sleep silently, all those could make you enjoy the infinite tenderness brought by the sea, and you could try marine entertainment projects like water bicycle, air bouncing, and motorboat which could bring you with interests at the same time of relaxation. All personnel at Dashan Bay amusement park would wait for your coming with full passion!
    Sumawan Ecological Park- gathers green mountain, blue sea, golden beach and unique rocks, with 80% forest coverage rate, here air are freshening, which could be called natural oxide bar, it is a beautiful and mysterious coastal ecological park. The marine abrasion landform at the Sumawan is most unique, after ages, the sea corrosion cliff has formed multi-layer walls, “bamboo shoot stone” rise?straight?from?the?ground, “bloodstone” full of blood red, “alabaster” looks like inlaid pearls, all those pictographic sea corrosive stones combine both form and spirit, and are lifelike, the dragon king stone, turtle group stone and god like stone would make you clap unconsciously, you could go alone the couple path, and appreciate the scenery on the way, which would make you intoxicated. Stepping into the deep forest, hidden under the green bushes, the gully are winding and flowing. Flowing water, stone at the gully, anima of flowers and birds, the small log cabin inside the forest, and paths full of cobble stone, stone benches and desks built by mushroom stones are best places to cool and relax yourself. With the graceful sound, you could see graceful cypresses, colorful Boston ivy and relaxed vines here and where, makes you feel that you are at the outside world.
    In addition to unique scenery, there is also some precious historical relics, on one rock at the east of the beach, there engraved some words, which are identified as Han dynasty stone carvings by heritage experts and archaeologists, they are boundaries carved stone of Wang Mang’s New Deal times, which are about 2000 years time from now. Sumawan is natural world, as well as a romantic world for lovers, such environment and atmosphere are just like the lovers’ vow on the rocks, attracting millions of tourists to unburden themselves, and talk about their forever love together.
    “Deng Xiaoping Stays with the People” sculpture garden is the Memorial Park for the greatest people, the general designer of our country’s reform and opening up-Deng Xiaoping, that Lianyungang people constructed with extraordinary veneration, it is free for the public. Today, “Deng Xiaoping Stays with the Peoples” sculpture garden has become an important anti-corruption education base for Lianyungang and places nearby.
    While the Dashawan Amusement Park and Sumawan Ecological Park are connected by a 2.5 meters plank road, which sometimes is placid, and sometimes is meandering, just like a sleeping dragon that connects the two scenic spots together, when walking on it, tourist could take everything of the seascape at a glance. Of course there would be sightseeing buses for option. The sun umbrellas, sun chairs and swim rings at the two scenic spots are all free of charge, which could provide you with more customized service.
   Cruising yacht is the only one marine tourism enterprise in our province that has “water transportation license”. Right now, the enterprise has “Shenyou” luxury yacht, “Shenying”, “Shenyan” mass type yachts, “Shen’ou” leisure cruise and four speedboats, which could accommodate sea tours of more than 500 tourists at the same time. The club has carefully prepared various marine tourism lines like marine sightseeing leisure travel, and Qiansan Island exploration tours. You could choose to take a speedboat, or to explore Qiansan Island which is lonely off the sea, but abundant in natural resources, and could be called bird island, here you could breath the fresh air from the deep sea.
    “Fishermen gathered at the western island, and layers by layers formed a village”, this is ancient poet’s words on the fishing village of the Lian Island, as well as the most unique fishermen’s style around the coastal resort of the Lian Island. Before 1994, the Lian Island used to be an independent island surrounded by sea. The fishing village is where fishermen gather, as well as the galaxy of island cultural landscape. Here you could not only experience local traditions, but also could experience the interests and feeling of coastal life. The unique charm of the fishing village firstly is presented by buildings at the foot of hills and beside the sea, for that most of those buildings are built beside the sea, tidehead or at the foot of hills, and hidden under the emerald color of them. Those fishermen could see the sea on opening the door, and see the sunrise on opening the window, listen to the sound of the ocean by the bed, and outside their houses, there would be waves. The rich shellfish in the Lian Island beach could be seen here and there, such as the Xianzi, razor clam, short necked clam and sea snails at the intertidal zone, they are slightly exposed on the beach, and could be picked easily through careful identification; oyster knocking is the masterpieces of women at the fishing village, they would in threes and fours crouching on the rock after falling of tide, and knock the oyster shell affixed on the rock with sharp oyster hammer, and then shovel fresh oyster meat.
    On the sea surface, the white floating things that in indefinite rows are cultivated porphyra lines, and the square net racks in order lines are net cages to cultivate fish. Sea gulls are flying in groups with the rising and ebbing of tides, the work songs of fishermen would rising and falling with their work……, the fishing village is covered by green mountains and blue seas, the families at sea with red roof and white walls are full of charm, what a colorful paint it is!
    With the strengthening of resource protection work, the deepening of tourism development, the tourism projects are gradually enriched, which could continue to satisfy demands of tourists, in recent two years, a batch of amusement projects, such as sea of flower wedding base, mountain fitness, and wandering along the sea have been added, and activities such as beach music festival, half Marathon, rainbow run of one thousand people, swimming competition of one thousand people, 24 hours super Marathon, and walking of ten thousand people for public welfare have provided tourists with more diverse travel experience.
    Poetic mountains and sea, and graceful Lian Island. The Lian Island coastal tourist resort would receive more than 3 million tourists annually in recent years, some of which come to enjoy the beach bathing, some come for sightseeing, and some come to enjoy the seafood.
    As a place of the greatest man and glory, together with its unique geological features and mysterious legends, the Lian Island would attract people to come here without hesitation, to come to enjoy its scenery, the tolerance of the ocean, and the graceful feeling of mountains lay beside sea. We would continue to improve facilities in catering, accommodation, transportation, travelling, shopping and entertainment, and are devoted to explore new factors of tourism like commercial, health preserving, leisure, feelings and novel, and we would develop more marine entertainment projects to help tourists feel the poetic mountains and sea in a leisure way, and could unload all things and relaxed here
    Beautiful Lian Island tourism, the invitation from the sea, your best choice!